Evolution of revolution!
July 15, 2019
Sophy gel. Available. Natural. Important.
July 15, 2019

Prevent infection instead of treating it

Bacteria do not like Sophy gel.

The bacterial infection of the intimate region is not only persistent and, let’s say, boring adversity, but it can also be a long-lasting and potentially serious problem. That is why prevention of bacterial infection is just as important as risk awareness. Sophy gel, with its innovative liposomal technology, among other important things, actively does exactly that: it prevents penetration of unwanted bacteria to the place where they do not belong. It prevents them from penetrating where pH, at a value of 4.2, does not allow them to cause any damage. However, this pH is very difficult to sustain, and this is where the characteristics of Sophy gel come to the fore and protect vagina from bacteria and infections.
Omnipotent. In a word, almighty.
As a product that emerged as a result of the experience of internationally recognized gynecologist and scientist, Dr. Mima Fazlagić, with tens of thousands of women having passed through her medical practice with different problems of the intimate region, Sophy gel is a sublimate of many, sometimes seemingly opposite, but ultimately compatible aspects of the care of vagina and related area. While hydrating – it nourishes, while improving moisture, the gel improves sexual intercourse. As an anti-aging agent, Sophy gel rejuvenates the intimate region itself, as well as the woman’s perception of herself. It is designed for all generations, accessible to all social profiles and, regardless of the differences between women, it unites them in one thing: taking care of the intimate region.